Business Law

The Firm represents its clients in civil law proceedings and commercial litigation in Italian Courts (Tribunale, Corte d’Appello, Corte di Cassazione).

Its lawyers are particularly involved in contentious aspects of business transactions, banking, bankruptcy, intellectual property rights as well as all the other issues arising from the commercial activity of their clients.

The litigation practice also extends to personal injury, defamation, privacy and data protection.
As to its out-of-court activities, the Firm is committed to helping its clients conduct business in Italy: it can assist them in drafting and reviewing a wide variety of commercial contracts, as well as in securing permits and licenses from the appropriate regulatory authorities.

Paviotti Studio Legale offers personalized corporate law services tailored to the needs of each client; its lawyers work closely with their clients to choose the best corporate structure, draft and amend articles of incorporation, write company bylaws, and incorporate companies in Italy and abroad.

The Firm, then, continues supporting its clients through the course of the companies' business lives, providing expert advice concerning shareholders’ meetings, joint venture agreements and extraordinary corporate activities such as mergers, acquisitions and liquidations.

"tailor’s method, international vision"