Arbitration and ADR

Arbitration has increasingly become the preferred mechanism for settling major commercial disputes both at the local and international level.

The lawyers of the Firm have extensive experience as arbitrators and counsels in domestic and international arbitration; they acted in both ad hoc and institutional arbitration proceedings conducted under the auspices of institutions such as the ICC International Court of Arbitration.

They are often appointed as third arbitrator by the parties or by the relevant competent authorities.
The Firm can also assist its clients in the judicial enforcement of arbitral awards.

When requested by the parties of a dispute, the Firm’s lawyers can also act as ‘neutral’ using the various ADR methods, such as mediation, expert determination or mini-trial, with the aim of saving time and money in the resolution of the dispute and, most importantly, of preserving the business relationship between the parties along with the absolute confidentiality of the proceedings.

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